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This web site has been created to allow people to view the photographs that I have taken since starting this little experiment to reduce my time at the office and to get away from computers. This is a simple site that does not need or require any fancy Web 2.0 tech.

Over the years I have created a number of corporate web sites and developed a large number of Intranet based applications so the concepts etc are not new, just who I am doing it for is different. So this site, and it's sister sites, have been created for a number of reasons, but the main purpose is to let people see the photos that I have taken over time. The whole thing about taking photos is to share what you have done with others and also to enjoy taking the pictures.

This site will evolve over time and will be changing as I do things, so do not be surprised when items just disappear since the last visit. The changes done to the site are listed under the What's New section, located here

The photos are grouped into a number of areas. The galleries are shown on the side of the web page. Also some of the web sites now have the ability to accept comments, so leave comments if you wish. If all things work out then all the galleries will have the ability to accept comments.

One last thing I should point out about the photos on the site, they have been resized from 4288x2848 or 3008x2000 down to 1024x1024 for the web site so they are all large photos.